# 1 MOST Underrated Tool of Humanity


Everyone has access to it.

It is an infinite resource.

People don’t see it, and it’s literally everywhere.

When it finally is recognized, it has the potential to become the most effective tool in your life.

We are entering a new and unique reality. You can feel that. Can’t you?

Science is merging with magic, and time (as we know it) is reshaping. Your imagination is a vehicle that can take you anywhere.

And the road? The road is how your imagination will get you there.

Let me tell you a story.

Once upon a time there was a lonely bird. Every day the bird flew to the top of her high perch in a stag tree, and looked out over the endless expanse of sky. One day she cried out into the endless sky, and heard the echo of her own call ripple out. She noticed something.
The emptiness she had always thought surrounded her was carrying her call, and as she listened, she heard the echo lap through the canyon, and eventually fade out. She extended her wings, and lifted off into the surrounding sky, and as she pushed down, she could feel the air supporting her body as she moved. The space around her was cradling her every move, her every call, and her entire existence.

What if SPACE is more than what you think it is? What if the negative thing is actually the function that allows anything to happen at all? And what if the simple recognition of space is the missing key that allows your conscious experience to transform?

Until now, our experience has been filled with thoughts and things, and that is how we have come to relate to reality.

To move the needle, our awareness is shifting.

But rather than adding more knowledge to our awareness, what occurs is the absence of matter and the presence of space.

Object consciousness is the mind being aware of things. The awareness is on the beingness of something - something that can be quantified by the mind - our precious measuring stick.

Space consciousness is the ability to comprehend the space between objects, and the inherent value that exists within the negative aspect of any dualistic reality.

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