Juliet:  A Timeless Love Song w/ Contemporary Heartbreak

To me it has never felt like I’ve had a choice in what kind of person I love - I am just drawn in.  I see someone's flame, and watch how it dances against the backdrop.

When Juliet walked into the room, it didn’t really matter that she was a woman, that I was already in a relationship, that she was older than me, that we didn’t have anything in common.  I just saw her.  I saw how she appeared in the world, and I watched in slow motion as she gently presided over me from the very first frame.

There’s no glamour in a house fire - our broken hearts are embedded in the very first spark, and lay in the ashes of the aftermath.  

Just because you’re drawn to a person doesn’t mean she's right for you.  Maybe it just means that she's supposed to change you.  

Juliet changed me.  She showed me what kind of influence I had in my own life.  Through her, I learned what kind of person I want to be.  I want a bright heart, not just the destructive flame of fire.  I want a warm heart, not a heart that turns to ash once it's through burning.

To all the hearts in this story, I'll never forget what you showed me - how to love.  Truly ❤️