I've always been a singer.  It’s a cliché, and true.  And I've always been a songwriter.  I would sing along to the radio when I could remember the words, I'd make up my own songs as a little kid in the bathroom - they were usually about the stars and rainbows and horses - eternal, essential things.  I was impressed that my mom could remember all the words to a song, or that she could manage to not run out of breath singing along.  I remember asking her a lot of questions about songs and singers and songwriting, and thinking back, it seems a pretty good indicator of where I would be 30 years down the road.


From a young age I felt really engaged with songs and singers, and was deeply inspired by power women like Wynona Judd, Dolly, Reba, KT Oslin, and Janis.  Janis Joplin's Greatest Hits was the first record I owned that was not something my parents actively listened to (although it was given to me by my mom, who must've had a hunch I would love this tape, but couldn’t have known how much it would help me to feel the importance of impacting people emotionally through song).

Skipping ahead a few years, (and a lot of pretty dodgy songwriting) I ended up being in a band with my friend and mentor, Gil Gaus, who showed me some pretty cool things about songwriting and singing that I still actively employ.  I went into collaboration kicking and screaming, and Gil had to practically wrench certain lines and ideas from my death grip, but I ended up shedding so much, gaining a lot, and really learning to play around with songwriting. 

I moved to Austin in 2015, and have been actively involved in the songwriting scene, and am excited to now be playing some of the songs I’ve written with a super killer band.  I am working on an EP at King Electric studio, which will be released in 2020.  I’m looking forward to booking some solo tours and sharing these songs!