Starting From Scratch. And Then Starting Again..

If I had to give you an update, I'd say for about 2 weeks I've lost a little steam, gotten a little down, and am currently reviving my fervor.

I have not prioritized writing, and that's probably been throwing me off.

I've been focused on social media.  

Social media is just not easy.  Well, lemme restate that - it's not hard, content creation and all that, it's okay.  
But I want to build an audience, and I'm just not really gaining followers.  

I am having some good stats on some of my videos, but I'm not rocketing to 100K followers in a few months' time like I was planning.  J/k (KINDA)

I want to say that I'm learning, because.. I am, but as you can imagine it's actually kind of difficult to put a plan in place, get it going, and then realize it's not really engaging the way I thought it would, and having to … change it??  

I'll give you my current thoughts on this, it's helping me reframe a little bit:

There's no better practice for re-evaluating the plan than playing a game called Bananagrams.  
It is essentially free form Scrabble.  

You piece together a bunch of tiles onto a free form board of connected words all based on the tiles you have in your hand.  If some of the tiles aren't going to fit into a connected word on your board, and you have a really great word like "believing" or “magical” and several other placements of random tiles like x or z into words like "xi" or “zed”, it might feel like too much to let go of, but you have to fit in three more tiles someplace, and the words just aren't adding up.  

You're probably gonna have to give up “magical” and/or “believing” because you're gonna need to use those letters to come up with some other words that include your remaining tiles.  

It's a terrible feeling.

But the sooner you realize you need to let go of those words, (and actually let go) the sooner you can start building a new board. 

Meanwhile your opponent is still having a hard time letting go of “monocle” or “triumphant”. 

I have been researching a lot about social media strategies.  There's a lot in there about using trends to get eyes on your content, but some of them seem over my head, or I just haven't really wanted to implement them.

I am realizing - here is another place I have to learn to play the game. 

I may not feel like doing the trending videos, but I can almost bet that if I do, I'm going to learn some awesome new thing that I wouldn't have otherwise learned.  
By doing this thing I'm avoiding, I'm going to gain new tools, and I'm going to stay up on my education by learning and implementing new strategies.

I've always been one to consume educational content without really applying it to anything, and I've lost a lot of information in that way, and have become overwhelmed by information that doesn't seem to have any application.

These new areas (where I feel resistant) are always the places I end up having the most to gain.  

C'mon, Universe, y tho?? 

I'll let you know how it goes in a couple weeks when I can wrap my head around the news, and I'll tell ya everything.   

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