There’s something called “space consciousness”. This is when you become aware of the space that you are.

The first time I truly recognized space (something the mind cannot comprehend) I awoke from my programmed state.  I was stone cold sober, and I have never felt more alive.


You should try it.

Right now you’re either interested in what I’m saying, or you’re completely identified with your mind, casting judgments on this line of contemplation, and cutting yourself off from the potential of experiencing something BRAND NEW.

If you are interested in unlocking this dimension in yourself, I will give you steps to practice.

But first you should understand 2 things:

  1. You are not your thoughts
  2. You are consciousness itself

Self-awareness is your greatest tool for unlocking deeper dimensions within yourself.

Your mind pretends to be you. It is not interested in the recognition of reality as a whole because it simply cannot comprehend it.

The mind is a material tool, it only comprehends the material world.

But this reality is both physical and nonphysical.  You are both physical and nonphysical.

An easy example to illustrate this point is how human beings feel emotion.

This doesn’t mean that all traces of emotion are nonphysical - some effects of our emotions can be measured. Some aspects of emotion, however, are only for the experiencer to comprehend, and this experience cannot be measured.

It has to be felt and interpreted.


Experience itself is not physical.  You can talk about it, but talking about it is not the experience.

See what I'm getting at?


Your mind functions like AI.  
AI can know a lot about stuff, but it cannot experience.


The mind is very, very good at organizing facts and arguments, and IT IS NOT AT ALL SELF-AWARE.

You are.

You are able to observe your thoughts, and contemplate the idea of yourself.

If you were your thoughts and the concept you have of yourself, you simply would not be able create the space between you and your mind to make any kind of observation.

Once you recognize that you are not your thoughts, your idea of yourself, or your beliefs, you will be able to access other aspects, or dimensions, of your being.

Did you ever wonder why we’re called HUMAN BEINGS?


Half of the self is simply being. What does this mean to you?


It is imperative for humanity to awaken to the deeper dimensions of reality in order to fulfill our destiny.


  1. Notice the things in your room
    • Are you sitting on a chair?
    • Where are you in relation to the window?
    • Does the room have a floor? What’s it made of?
  2. Notice the space in between things
    • Don’t determine the distance, just notice the space
    • Focus your attention on the nothingness
    • Recognize what may or may not exist in the space
  3. Notice the thoughts in your mind
    • What are they saying? Are they commenting on the validity of this exercise?
    • What is the feeling inside your body? Can you see how the feeling relates to the thought?
  4. Notice the space in between thoughts
    • Breathe to create space in your body
    • Pay attention: thought OR no thought
    • Use observation to keep the mind from filling in the space.  SIMPLY RECOGNIZE.
    • Can you create longer spaces between thoughts by observing your surroundings, and not labeling anything at all?
    • Recognize the sensations in your body. See if you can feel them without naming them.
    • Listen for your heartbeat. 
    • Feel your heart beating in your chest.

The type of awareness gained by practicing these steps may start out fleeting, or you could have a complete awakening like I did.  No matter what, you will begin to notice the space more and more.

Spaciousness will become a way of life.

In order to experience this as a way of life, you have to be diligent in your self-awareness. This means that any time you have the awareness to observe spaciousness in or around yourself, recognize it.


It is so simple that most people overlook it.

If you want to unlock the deeper dimensions within yourself, you will look into it.  You will practice.

You must be intentional, otherwise your uploaded programming will continue to run on its own. The space in your awareness will be filled in with your story and all the problems that go along with it, and your main function will be problem solving all the little issues your false self creates to keep your attention focused on keeping it alive.

The artificial intelligence of your mind will continue programming your reality in a way that gives it a purpose for being here regardless of how it effects you.

It does not care about you. 
It is not interested in you. 
It is here to serve itself.

Do you want out or not?

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