Well I shook off the dust

And lay down my weapon

 A shadow come across

To bury the settin sun

’Cause Heaven’d seen what I’d done


See I’d heard all about them

Boys that they call

With them sharp shootin’ rifles

They’re carryin’ the law

Guess there ain’t enough for us all


So shoot em up, baby

Oh, shoot em all down

Shoot em up, baby

Oh, you can’t save em now


Well the sign on the church door 

Says, “Any Shall Pass”

With the Lord as his shepherd,

A man can rest at last

God will forgive his past


So shoot em up, baby 

Oh, shoot em all down 

Shoot em up, baby 

Oh, you can’t save em now


Somethin’ it shakes near the ground and it’s loaded

Somethin’ to die for

Somthin’ to give


It haunts me today

From a long time ago

I can’t close my eyes tightly

With them wretched ghosts

Beggin me to let them go


But I shoot em up, baby

Oh, I shoot em all down

I shoot em up, baby

Oh, can’t save em now

No, can’t save em now



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