Work It!

Well, we’ve been working on this record, and slowly, but surely it is making its way into the world.  The most exciting part so far?  Working with some super talented dudes to lay down the rhythm section!  See, as a songwriter, you might have a song, but unless there’s a band to bring it to, you’re kind of left imagining what it would sound like all put together.  I’ve heard part of the answer, and it sounds so good.  

A big part of this process, for me, has been about following the little leads sent down from (I assume) the Ultimate Songwriter in the sky.  They led me to Austin, to the Congress House and Mark Hallman, and introduced me to Jon Greene and Andrew Pressman, who agreed to help me find the feel (using a drum kit and a bass guitar) for this record.  It’s a process, but one which encourages collaboration, nudges toward lasting friendships, and inspires creative action.  I really can’t wait to experience how this album feels, how it sounds, or even to see in the end what it lacks, because that, too, I know is a part of it.    

Some of the most inspiring moments so far have come from the uncertainty in front of me.  Part of this uncertainty lies in being a songwriter without a band.  I write songs with a band in mind, but have played a lot of this material for the better part of two years without ever hearing the complimentary instrumentation actualized.  Some of the searching leads to dead ends, some of it garners frustration or faulty communication, and it can seem very daunting at times.  But I know enough to know that the entirety is what I’m here for, not just an end result.  It is something I forget almost daily, which is inherently comedic.   

There have been some solid Harry Potter moments, where I’ll walk into a room feeling entirely incapable of tying my own shoes, yet will have to lead people I don’t know toward a goal I have a hard time defining.  I’ll tell you, it’s a lot of falling on my face, and unlike Harry, I don’t have a wand to make things appear.  But something tells me I just have to keep walking into rooms being okay with not knowing the outcome.  

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