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Okay, so about 2 years ago, after I moved to Austin and started hangin’ around all the open mics and getting to know folks, I was sitting in the audience one night, and the most beautiful voice arose from the stage, golden - like honey.  Velvet soft, and plush like it, too.  I was awestruck.  The song was brilliant, the girl was Arielle LaGuette, now one of my dearest friends.  

It sure is something to have friends who inspire, and no surprise here, there is a depth and essential quality to what Arielle shares as an artist.  She’s involved in some super rad facets of Austin life, expressing her soul through theater, comedy/improv, songwriting, art - you name it, she probably has a hand in it.  And through this very compelling outward spirit, shines her newest collection of songs about spreading the light of love in the face of adversity.  A Case of the Times is beautiful, poignant, sound, and it rocks!  My favorite track on her new EP is The Last Time, a super chic reggae rendition of self-realization - makes you believe in yourself as she’s singing about trusting her own intuition.  

But don’t take it from me - check it out!  She’s releasing her second EP next week, February 22 at Stubb’s, Austin.  She asked me to sing backup for the show, and I’m honored and thrilled to share the stage with her for the release.  The harmonies are dangerously dissonant, hard to find, and very interesting (practicing as I type this).  If you make it to the show, come say hey, buy an EP, support a local artist, get to know a very cool gal, and become a fan instantly.  Like I did. 

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