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We had our first full band gig at the ABGB this past week as opening for The Lonesome Heroes as Megan Lacy and The Good Guys, and it was pretty good!  No forgetting the lyrics halfway through a tune (totally been there), not one broken string, free (even vegan) pizza, and endless support and cheering from the crowd (mostly friends).  I said CHeering, not Jeering!  The Good Guys were/still are Andrew Pressman playin bass, Jordan Burchill on guitar (Beth James) and Jimmy Milner with the double drum kit (Joking, not yet - we’ll get there, Jimmy).  These dudes were truly the blessing in this experience - they are so sincere, dedicated, talented.  They made the show, and I’m honored to have had them there alongside me.  Thanks a lot, guys!


The Lonesome Heroes came on and stole my heart as a vibrant quartet, expansively talented and darn good lookin’.  I’ve had a few opportunities to sit around the campfire, so to speak, with the lonesomest (?) of the heroes, Rich Russel - he lives juuuust ... acRosssss... riiiight overrrrr... There.  He’s my neighbor.  He’s been playing music in Austin for, like, a decade, so he knows a lot of folks, venues, stuff.  When I asked him about booking full band gigs, he gave me some advice, (which included co-billing with other bands to give the venue more to bite onto), and pretty much right after that (obviously sensing my ineptitude for getting a ball rolling without a downhill), he invited me to open for The Lonesome Heroes at the ABGB.  A huge thanks to you, Rich and The Heroes for including us in your very cool scenario.

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