Revise It!

Life probably wouldn’t make any more sense if everything just ran along smoothly with no sign of that rocky, melodic drama on the horizon, so when a change occurred to my immediate situation, I asked for the understanding to embrace it.  After working together for several months on this album, Mark Hallman and I have parted ways.  The changing tide will draw me wherever I’m supposed to go, so at the moment I’m tying up some loose ends, and casting out new lines.   

In this process, it is most important to be collaborative, to bounce ideas, to push and pull, and gather pieces that may not have appeared without the voices and direction of those who inspire me.  It is just my first record, but I have a sense of what it can be, so my lantern out in front of me (although dull and heavy at times), I follow just enough light to see the next step forward.   

For the next few months I know I’ll have to make moves forward, take some steps back, and push through the discomfort of uncertainty, but how else am I supposed to grow out of this little kid suit?   


In the past month, I got to do some very cool things!  Jess and I revisited Truckee, CA, and in our homecoming, the valley even gifted us a good dusting of snow (thanks for the powder day, Squaw Valley USA!).  After setting up our trip to coincide with the holidays, I began contacting musician friends and old band mates to put together a show at the new local brewery in town Alibi Ale Works.  What a turnout!  The room was packed with old friends, beautiful vibes and that ol’ Truckee Christmas spirit.  Megan Lacy and The Sidemen belted out the emotions of the past year, and made way for the new turnaround.  A giant thanks to everyone who came out to support the show, and a very special thank you to Gil Gaus (of the Tom Joad Time Machine [Watch this vid!]), Steve Kershiznik, Steve Satourno, and Will Richardson who took part in making music with me that night.  And the room couldn’t have rocked like it did without the sound crafting of Peter Kowalczyk.  So many thanks for such a cool evening (it was 8 degrees, so thanks to you too, Mother Nature).  

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