Record It!

It’s time to make a record! I’ve been writing and writing, and dang, it feels really good.  This will be a debut album for me -  I am finally putting out a group of songs I really love with little record of what came before.  As if nothing exists before this moment..  Nah!  There are old songs, too.  Unfortunately some were scrapped long before this project was even a glimmer in my eye.  My parents frequently request old songs of mine, and I don’t remember how to play them (I swear I don't remember, Mom and Dad).  It's a cryin' shame, but into the ether they've flown…  And out from the ether've flown the new!  Give and take, they say.

To some, it may look like I’m just getting into songwriting.  But I’ve been writing songs for the better part of my existence on this planet.  I remember making up songs sitting on the toilet as a little kid (TMI?); my best friend Alesia and I made stuff up all the time, (as well as singing hits from the radio in the back of her mom's Nova with fogged up windows breathing in the smell of cold interior and old cigarettes), and we wrote a song when we were 10 about starving children in Africa (a hit) called What Will We Do When All the Children Die (never noticed the amazing alliteration until just now); I wrote a song and sang it at my 8th grade graduation (wish I had a link, y’all, you’ll have to bug my mom for that tape); I wrote all through college - my brother, Jason, taught me to play guitar, and we performed as the "before their time" folk duo, Sibling Rivalry; I began to understand the depth and craft of songwriting while playing and performing with my friend and mentor Gil Gaus in SoulRadio and The Third Hand String Band in Truckee, CA; I wrote and performed with my phenomenally talented and alien friend, Aaron Oropeza; and I had so much fun collaborating with my good friends Steve Labella and Will Richardson before moving to Austin to pursue music as a career a year and a half ago, and finally finishing this sentence.

In the time since, I've met such inspiring friends and fellow songwriters, I am amazed on the daily by the gravity/levity of the community I get to be a part of here in Austin, Texas.  The feeling in this city has the emotional impact of a punch in the gut, sitting in these great listening rooms like the Saxon, the Continental Gallery, the Cactus Café, and walking over the corpse of some old haunt with a new condo on it - the ghosts walk through those walls too.  It's the kind of town where dreams come to come true, and here I am, waiting to write it all down and sing it out loud.

Last week I pulled into the drive of the Congress House studio.  I saw the little green house shaded underneath a low canopy of more green, a front porch with a dusty couch and no frills.  I felt magic.  I promptly pulled my guitar, Lucy, out of the heat of her case, sat on the couch and played a song.  The magic clung to it - couldn’t have been the 90% humidity, it didn't feel heavy.  I’m tellin’ ya, this place is cool.  When I met with Mark Hallman, he said, “Let’s make a record,” because isn't that what all record producers say?  



The idea is to put together a group of songs and then tour it across the country/world/etc.?   I'm planning a west coast tour for the spring of 2018, and will work hard to build a fan base anywhere, so that eventually I can know every person on the face of the earth.  Think you can help?  Send me an email, and let me know where I ought to play that might have an impact on folks, and I’ll try to get there!  Know someone who wants to play in a kickass alt-country band?  Send them to my site, show them the email button, or drive them to my house!  I'm looking forward to meeting musicians who want to collaborate and tour.  For now, keep checking in, I’ll give you some thoughts every now and then - maybe some video from the studio in August.  Peace, be well, and say hi if you come out to hear some music!



  • Barbara Lacy

    Barbara Lacy Trout Creek MT

    Very nice, Megan. I'm looking foreword to your CD!

    Very nice, Megan. I'm looking foreword to your CD!

  • Karen Smart

    Karen Smart pioneer, ca

    sound great - have FUN !!! let us all know out here in CA where you'll be

    sound great - have FUN !!! let us all know out here in CA where you'll be

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